Gifts from Georgia's Garden, How Georgia O'Keeffe Nourished Her Art

Come behind the scenes of Georgia O’Keeffe’s famous flower paintings to her sustainable homestead in New Mexico, where art was everything and everything was art.

Most of us have heard the name Georgia O’Keeffe– she’s one of the most famous women in art history. But did you know that for most of her life, she lived on her own land in New Mexico, grew her own food, bought locally, and even made her own clothing?

Georgia’s garden and her art fed and enriched one another, just as her bean plants enriched the soil and her home-grown feasts fed her friends. In spite of the era’s prejudice against female artists, Georgia lived and thrived in her verdant sanctuary well into old age.

Soothing and inspiring, Gifts from Georgia’s Garden illuminates the life and philosophy of a figure every child should know. Backmatter adds context to O’Keeffe’s story and invites families to try out her sustainable gardening techniques– and her pecan butterball cookies.

**Kirkus Starred Review: “A veritable feast for the eyes and the mind.”

**Booklist Starred Review

Coming from Neal Porter Books/Holiday House on March 19, 2024

Giraffe and Jackal are Friends (Again!)

Giraffe and Jackal express their feelings and resolve differences in a positive way, through the power of Nonviolent Communication.

Giraffe and Jackal are best friends, even though their personalities are different. Jackal tends to be grouchy and easily snap at others, while Giraffe is more peaceful and thoughtful. When the new kid, Aardvark, moves to school, Giraffe reaches out to be friends, but Jackal feels jealous and threatened. Jackal lashes out, endangering Aardvark, and a conflict ensues. By employing Compassionate Communication techniques, Giraffe helps Jackal work through his conflicted feelings in a positive way so that all three can be friends.

Based on the renowned Nonviolent Communication teachings of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, this picture book offers kids easy-to-learn coping and communicating skills, all through the lens of a playful story with fantastic illustrations and great characters.

Coming from SoundsTrue Nov 7, 2023

Forest Bath Right Down This Path

Join in a forest bathing adventure as a young girl helps her father to leave his cell phone behind and embrace the sights, smells, and sounds of the natural world around him.

On a sticky summer day, when it is too hot to do anything, Kayla suggests a forest bath. Daddy needs a little more convincing, but soon they are heading into the forest.


Coming from SoundsTrue May 9, 2023

The Sweetest Scoop: Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Revolution

The nonfiction picture book tells the story of the rocky road to success of Ben and Jerry, the political activists and entrepreneurs who started Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Illustrator: Stacy Innerst.

“The Sweetest Scoop is a visual treat! Kids (and some adults too) will enjoy it for the great illustrations alone, with lots of ice cream, cows and 60s-70s vibe! The story is told in a way that kids can understand, and balances the fun with the social mission of the company. It’s a book that parents and grandparents can really enjoy reading to kids as well.”


Ben Cohen, Jerry Greenfield

Co-founders of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream


“With ample humor and delightful illustrations this lively history of the founding and success of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream will both entertain young readers and offer lessons in perseverance and determination. . . An entertaining work with a message that big business and doing good can go hand in hand.”

—School Library Journal

Abrams Books for Young Readers, May 10 2022


Were I Not A Girl: The Inspiring Story Of Dr. James Barry

This is the story of Dr. James Barry, a swashbuckling military surgeon and public health reformer, who traveled the world with a small menagerie. He was assigned female at birth in 1789 but lived as a man and became one of the highest ranked medical officers in the British Army. Illustrator: Lauren Simkin Berke.

Listed in Bank Street College of Education’s Best Children’s Books of the Year 2021 Edition.

“Both timely and historical.” —Kirkus

Schwartz and Wade, Random House, Fall 2020

Madame Saqui, Revolutionary Rope Dancer

This picture book biography tells the story of Marguerite-Antoinette Lalanne, a girl who dared to pursue her passion for wirewalking during the turbulent times of the French Revolution. Eventually she performed as Madame Saqui, waltzing and pirouetting and re-enacting battles above adoring crowds. For images of Madame Saqui, visit my Pinterest Board. Illustrator: Rebecca Green.

Schwartz and Wade, Random House, Spring 2020

“A reverent introduction to a trailblazing performer.” —Kirkus

Wisconsin State Reading Association Just One More Page Recommended Reading List for 2020

Pirates Don’t Go To Kindergarten!

Batten the hatches! Before rough, tough Pirate Emma joins her captain and crew, she declares, “Pirates don’t go to kindergarten,” incites a mutiny, and makes her former captain, Ms. Chu, walk the plank. Illustrator: Eda Kaban.

“A fun and raucous ride with great pirate lingo that reminds readers that change isn’t bad, but it can be challenging.” —School Library Journal

“It’s tough to walk the plank and leave beloved captains behind; this may make the transition a little easier.” —Kirkus

Two Lions, August 1, 2019

Pippa’s Night Parade

Villains and monsters and beasts! In this bedtime romp, Pippa uses her wits and design skills to overcome her fears about the creatures coming out of her storybooks at night. Illustrator: Lucy Fleming.

“A delicious triumph over fear of night creatures.” — Kirkus

“An entertaining read-aloud. A whimsical story about how a little bravery and a strong sense of fashion can save the day and the night, suitable for the very young.” 

– School Library Journal

Two Lions, October 8, 2019